Uncanny similarity first episode opinion Saint X & North Shore

22 May, 2023
Uncanny similarity first episode opinion Saint X & North Shore

The last few weeks watched two shows both having quite a few similarities in first few minutes Saint X and North Sore. Both the shows start with a dead young woman floating on sea shore. It happens very less that I come across two shows within a week that starts in the similar fashion.
The Saint X story is based on Caribbean island and North shore is a British Australia based show, while Saint X is on Hulu , North Shore can is on Screen Australia and Network Ten.

In brief both the shows seems like a Murder mystery, Saint x has lots going, flash back in time and forth, a psychiatrist with a patient , young couple etc, its like everything is there in the mix, on the other hand North shore features a political drama and murder mystery thrown in the mixer, with quite an interesting setup, Uk cop observing the murder investigation of a Uk based Politician’s daughter in Australia.

The first episode of both the show set them up quite nicely , while Saint X features 3 beautiful highlights beaches, West Duchovny and Alycia Debnam-Carey , North shore contains good quirky Cop/police humour.

Let see which show gets more blurbs from me.

You have a dead girl floating in the sea in first 2 min of a show, you have to watch least two episodes