No Thrill Ending The Last Thing He Told Me

23 May, 2023
No Thrill Ending The Last Thing He Told Me

Last evening got a chance to watch the last episode of “The last thing he told me”, it was like, it got worst as it ended, the show had few thrills and moments, just few that’s all about it, I somehow stayed with the show till very last episode, all the while I watched it with my wife , she declared it as a drama from the second episode only. Guess I have to take her feedback with more weight from now on.

Well, the show could have been a real thriller, but sadly it was not just more drama and more of everything except a tight thriller, the character of Bailey Michaels played by Angourie Rice kept reminding me of the character played by Logan Polish as Dina Fox in The Mosquito Coast another Apple tv show.

The show had a few moments and Jenifer garner that kept me stay put, Big fan of Jenifer garner since Alias.

it got worst as it ended